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Published on: 11 Jun 2015

The Victorinox navigation

When I visited the website of I noticed the main navigation.

Just 3 main items, all with sub items.


If you hover over Explore the dropdown menu appears, pretty standard so far.


Lets see the iPad/mobile menu


Just a nice menu toggle icon, if we click it the main navigatioon slides in from the left, very nice.


If we tab Expore now, the dropdown appears.


But here the issue appears, if you tab Explore AGAIN you will go to the Expore page.

Technically works

Technically the double-tab solution works fine. If JavaScript works, the first tab opens the drop-down, tab again on Products and you go to the Products page. Should JavaScript not run for some reason the drop-down wont work, and you will go straight to the Products page on first tab. This seems fine.

The question

Does double-tab navigation work for real life users? Do they 'get it'

Will users on a iPad every go to the products page or will they just skip it after the first click?

Has anybody done testing on this?

What do you think?

Let me know on stackoverflow or comment below.

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