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Published on: 29 Mar 2017

ATTENTION I am not a expert just, passionate about ICONOMI, Bitcoin and crypto.

ICONOMI is almost out of BETA, I have access to the platform, it is amazing and I believe ICONOMI will be a huge success.

What is ICONOMI and what is ICN?

Via ICONOMI any investor can soon invest withy easy in the booming crypto and Bitcoin space.

You dot his buy purchasing ICNX, shares in the ICONOMI.index. The ICONOMI.index is a passive Digital Asset ArrayTM (DAA) developed from the ICONOMI value tokens index. It measures the performance of digital assets that meet the ICONOMI eligibility criteria and reflects the blockchain economy.

ICONOMI.index makes it easy to simultaneously acquire multiple digital assets. A simple one-time purchase is divided among a selected array of digital assets representing 92% of new economy.

ICN are basically like stocks of ICONOMI, if the ICONOMI platform does well so will ICN.

Some reasons I am excited about ICNCONOMI and ICN

  • it will get 'new money' in the crypto space
  • ICN is very undervalued, and only traded at 1 large exchange: Kraken
  • ICONOMI will not be giving out dividends in the form of ETH but will actually buy and burn ICN
  • the beta platform looks amazing will get new investors in the Crypto space
  • ICN still not well known, once it gets listed on larger exchanges and or gets a USD/EUR trade option it will move up more

Here is my chart/trend prediction for ICN

ICONOMI about to launch, huge new up trend started by ThaClown on

Where to buy ICN

For now the only main exchange to get ICN is Kraken, to get ICN you will first need to send Bitcoin (XBT) to Kraken and there exchange it to ICN.

Good info: The Iconomi Burn — Crypto Buybacks

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