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Responsive MODX website design, development, SEO and support

For IPV Training & Advies in ’s-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands,
we created a flexible, powerfull and modern website.

IPV homepage

About the project

IPV needed a more modern website, with a easier to use back-end and better SEO.

The old IPV website was based on Wordpress and created with a template, because of this the CMS was not customized for the specific need of IPV and was a big frustration to work with. Many needed features like easy to manage PDF generation, advanced signup forms and SEO options were not available.

We decided to create a modern HTML5, Sass and jQuery based website and to use MODX CMS to cutomize any needed options.

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Key features

  • Responsive
  • Modern design
  • Easy to edit via MODX CMS
  • Responsive images
  • Optimized social media tags and meta information
  • Advanced, Ajax based signup and contact forms
  • Automatic PDF generation for training details


After various brainstorm sessions we created a list of needed features, wireframes and a mood-board. These formed the base for the rest of the project design and development.

IPV workflow

Customized signup form

The new IPV website features a Ajax based, customized signup form. It allows visitors to signup for a IPV training and submit all the needed information on one single screen.

IPV receives a customized reply after people sign up, the news website improves the workflow for IPV.

IPV signup form

Automated PDF generation

Data and content added in the MODX CMS by IPV is used to generated a PDF automatically. The system generates a PDF link for each and every training and worksop.

IPV no longer needs to created and update PDF files with changed picing or events, this work is now done by the MODX website.

IPV PDF generation

Customized CMS structure

To allow the IPV team to easily manage the website Any Screen Size developed a customized MODX CMS system with a tailor made site structure, custom page options, SEO options and advanced image editing.


Support and future development

Any Screen Size will continue to suppport IPV with the website, SEO and online identity.

We are proud of the end-result of this project and thank the IPV team for giving us their trust.

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